Saturday, May 28, 2011

Book Review - Dixieland Delight

The third sports book I will be reviewing is Dixieland Delight by Clay Travis.

In 2005, Clay Travis embarked upon a tour, the Dixieland Delight Tour (DDT) as he called, that saw him attend a game at all twelve Southeastern Conference (SEC) football stadiums. He chronicles the many situations he encountered on his 8,000 mile road trip and gives his thoughts on the game day experience at each school. Included in the book is a ranking of which SEC campuses offer the best game day experience in Clay's opinion, an SEC Girls Power Ranking and 17 lessons he learned from the DDT.

This book is similar to the last book I reviewed, Can I Keep My Jersey, as it is another tough book to review. I know people that have really enjoyed this book and others who picked it up and couldn't stand the stories Clay tells and reminisces about. A couple things should be noted. Firstly, Clay is a University of Tennessee Volunteers fan so you might get a somewhat biased book but it seems that he has tried to take that out of the equation. Also, this book is heavily targeted towards SEC enthusiasts so keep that in mind.

Clay Travis
I thought this book was a nice read. With every chapter about a different SEC school, things were kept fresh and the pace of the book benefited. I thought Clay did a good job of summing up the atmosphere on campus and I enjoyed reading about what he got up to while on tour. I even learned some new things about different SEC schools and overall I enjoyed this humorous and interesting book

RATING - 8/10


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