Monday, May 2, 2011

Book Review - Tanked!

So this is a first for USA Sports Blogs, my first book review. I love reading about sports and there are so many books to choose from so I have decided to help you in your search for sports books by briefly reviewing the books that I have read and grading them on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the one of the worst sports books ever written and 10 being one of the best sports books ever written. So I have decided to start by reviewing Tanked! by William 'Tank' Black.

Tanked! is a book about the life of former NFL super agent Tank Black. Tank was raised in a poor, parent-less family in Greeneville, Tennessee. He went on to have a brief college coaching career at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and the University of South Carolina. Shortly after, he founded Professional Management Incorporated(PMI), a sports agency. He represented clients such as NFL players Shannon Sharpe, Sterling Sharpe and Jevon Kearse and NBA star Vince Carter. He was one of the top sports agents before his downfall. He was accused of illegally playing college athletes to entice them to sign with his company. He was also involved in a money laundering case and a ponzi investment scheme. He had spent 95 months in custody when he was finally released on the 16th May 2007.

This book was quite an enjoyable read. It gives you an inside look into the business of sports. I was amazed at some of the things that go on behind the scenes. I also enjoyed his many stories of his experiences with players. Tank's journey to success is quite inspiring.

William 'Tank' Black
However, this book is not perfect. Despite an uptempo finish to the book, I thought the events in the story generally took place at a slow pace and there were times when I contemplating putting it down in favour of a more page turning book. Also, you will find that the author can be somewhat overconfident. He is not afraid to say that he is one of the best agents ever and at times it seems like he is almost gloating. That being said, Tank does seem like a pretty nice guy though. Finally, there is sure to be some bias in this book. Tank gives his perspective on things and might not be telling the whole story.

These things hold Tanked! back from being a great sports book but with a very good story, I would recommend Tanked! to sports fans particularly those interested in knowing more about what really happens in sports.

RATING - 6/10

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